On a Roll in Little Rock

I think Im on a roll here in Little Rock
I’m solid as a stone Baby wait and see
I got just one small problem here in little rock
Without you Baby I’m not me
– from a song by Colin Raye

I’ve been in Arkansas for way too long, about three weeks but it seems like a lot longer. I got a lot of rest, caught some nice fish but now I am in Little Rock waiting for the plane, enroute to Australia. I want to say “Thanks” to my cousin Diane who has been my gracious host for all that time. Now though, I am rolling again and happy to be.

While I was here, my 82 year old mom was involved in an accident (not her fault.) Her hip was broken. It was fixed yesterday and she seems to be doing okay although she is in pain and faces a few weeks of tough physical therapy. After talking it over with her, I decided to continue on. She has some good folks with her and watching out for her so there is no problem there.

Truth is, I have hit a lull in my wanderlust though. All I really want to do is go back to Mexico. I am in the middle of establishing a “base” there and miss the friends I made there. I am also anxious to get on with learning Spanish. I’ve got Rosetta Stone loaded on my computer so I can do that but it is not the same (and not nearly as effective) as having a whole city of people to practice on. (And, it is not nearly as much fun as having Shelley correct my pronouncation.)

I do want to thank my sister and her husband Rob for agreeing to give me shelter while I am in Australia. I know I am going to enjoy my visit. I am looking forward to seeing them. I am enthusiastic. Really. It is going to be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to my first real “fish and chips.”



5 thoughts on “On a Roll in Little Rock

  1. I will do the best I can to watch over grandma when she is recovering! Enjoy Australia, we love you! Be safe and take care!

  2. Hey Gar!! Hello from Mtn View. Thought I’d catch up on your travels and drop you a note…take care and enjoy..

  3. Love your blog, you hit a beautiful note. Leaving for Costa Rica in 10 days. Heading to Lake Atitlan in Guatamala. Heard about it twice in less than 10 hours and looks so serene. What hotel did you stay at while you were there? Thank you so much for your blog. Looking forward to your next entry.
    Rose Marie

    • Hello Rose,

      Sorry there haven’t been any recent updates. A lot has happened since this last post. I am back in Mexico and have been for many months. As for a hotel on Lake Attitlan, I recommend the one I stayed at in San Pedro. The name just completely escapes me right now. I know that is not very helpful. Look back at my old posts and see if I mentioned it there. I’ll check myself later today and if I come up with a name I’ll email it to you. Keep in touch. You do know there was a huge earthquake there last week right?

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