My brother Choctaw with a stringer of fish he caught.

Middle April is a great time to go fishing in Arkansas. That’s what my brother Choctaw and I did today.

Choctaw picked me up this morning about 7 AM. We went by a bait shop and picked up a bucket of minnows then we headed out to a small lake owned by a friend of Choctaw’s. We caught fish until we were tired of catching fish but we pressed on anyway until all the minnows were gone.

We caught crappy and bass with Choctaw landing a catfish that would have weighted about four pounds. The crappy and bass went from one to three pounds. The fish in the picture above were not what we caught today. Choctaw caught those a few days ago. He didn’t want (or need) any more fish so we immediately released everything we caught today – therefor, no fish were killed in the production of this blog post.


5 thoughts on “Fishing

  1. It’s great that you got out fishing with your Bro Ed, A very memorable trip these days to continue catching till the bait runs out

  2. Those are some great looking fish – bet they were a great meal!
    Must have been a blast fishing with your bro – nothing like fishing with family!

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