On the Way Home to Catemaco

El Centro in Catemaco, Mexico

I’m in Veracruz, population somewhere around three million people. In the morning I will get on a plane bound for the USA. I haven’t been there for over five months. Despite the illnesses I suffered in my early travels, I have been having a great time. I have made many friends, I have seen many interesting and beautiful sights, and I have found myself a new home here in Mexico.

Getting back to the states will be “interesting”; all the stuff for sale in stores, all the traffic, all the hustle and bustle and all the stress. Still, this time I will not be a part of it. My home is in Catemaco where I will return after this trip. But first:

three weeks in Arkansas,

five weeks in Australia,

one more week in Arkansas,

And then home to Mexico.

I will enjoy seeing everybody. I will enjoy seeing Australia. But, there is no place like home. For me, that is now Mexico.

When I get back to Catemaco, I have a house waiting for me not far from the center of town. It is nice place; safe, secure and so reasonably priced that by US standards it is ridiculously low. Don’t misunderstand. I am still going to travel the world but between trips I will come home to Mexico. Travel is wonderful but there is no place like home.


4 thoughts on “On the Way Home to Catemaco

  1. It was SO AWESOME to see you yesterday when I picked you up at the airport in Little Rock! Enjoyed our visit and our lunch! Love ya Ed!

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