Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

Well, lets see. Today is Sunday, another bright sunny day here in San Cristobal so how about a stroll down to the craft market?

The first thing we pass is El Centro, basically the center of town. It is a nice little park with a restaurant in the middle. It’s not obvious from the picture but there are about twenty shoe-shine stands surrounding the restaurant.

As we go on down the street, we are overtaken by a parade. As the sign says, this one is called Viva La Santisima, Virgen de Candelaria which means something like “Long Live the Blessed Virgin of Candelaria.”

There were several floats, all well done on the back of large flatbed trucks.
All of the floats had young children on them who were having a good time tossing candy to the crowds.
I’m not sure if the basket was meant to be part of her costume or if it was adlibed but I thought it looked good.
What can I say? Just a real sweetheart.
These guys were supplying the music and doing a great job of it too.
This was not a sexist parade either with just little girls. This guy was a real angel. The crowd was really loving him because he had the biggest basket of candy to throw out.
Just this one last shot than on to the market. 🙂
This is a picture of a priest talking to three young Mayan ladies.
Most of these shots in the market were taken sort of on the sly. A lot of these folks don’t like being photographed. In some places in Mexico it is illegal to photograph a person or a person’s possessions without their permission. If you do, your camera can be confiscated, you can be fined, or in some cases, you can go to jail. I don’t think that is the case here in San Cristobal – still…
These children were just wondering around as was I. The craft market is not only a place where a lot of people sell the things they make, it is a big social event.
More visiting with the priest.
The colors of the many things displayed would put a rainbow to shame.
A tourist bargaining hard for work that is already underpriced. Of course, it is like a game. If you don’t bargain, the marketers just think you are a fool. For the few things I bought, I did bargain, but not too hard. A few pesos don’t make much difference to me and it does to some of them.
Everything you see in this quilt is hand done. I didn’t even ask the price. If I had, I probably would have bought it, then what would I have done with it. I don’t think it would fit in my backpack.
I have to tell you – after a while, to me, all the colors and textures start to run together and I basically become blind to it all. It is like sensory overload I guess. Anyway, it was a pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning. And I only bought one shirt. The original asking price was 100 pesos (about $7.50). I paid 70 pesos (about $5.25). Could I have gotten it for less? Maybe but who cares?

2 thoughts on “Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

    • Yeah, I really never go there with the intent of buying anything but so far I’ve bought a pullover, a shirt, and a shoulder bag. That means I’ve got to throw something away when I leave here. Oh well, some of my stuff is dirty anyway. 🙂

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