San Cristobal Morning Walk

Sometimes I get up early. Sometimes I get up a little later. Whenever I get up, and where ever I get up I go for a little morning walk. Stroll along with me on my little walk in San Cristobal.

In the first few pictures you have to look pretty hard to see where we are heading. It is a church on a hill.

See it yet? Check the next picture.

Now it is visible. Right there in the center.

We are closing in now. I can just see Rocky from the movie running up those steps!

They’re really not that tough – after the first dozen times.

Not many people come up here and those that do are usually quiet.

And, of course, I always want to know what is on the other side of the hill. The first time I took this walk, I figured it would just be more city. This was a pleasant surprise.


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