My Backpack has been Blessed!

…no – seriously. I’m not kidding. With holy water yet. By a priest.

When I came back to my hotel room today I noticed as I walked down the short hall to my room that I was following a trail of water droplets. Then I looked up. At the end of the trail was the door to my room. And it was unlocked. And there were several people standing around in the doorway. I walked up and looked in.

I didn’t know what to expect but what I saw was way more than anything I had imagined. There was a priest in full regalia sprinkling holy water all over the place; on the bed, on my backpack, on the commode, just everywhere. To say I was stunned would be an understatement.

One of the people in the doorway was the owner of the hotel and he was dressed in a very nice suit. That in itself is not usual. I guess he saw the look on my face because, despite the fact he doesn’t speak English, he made a real effort to reassure me.

“Is religious. For all hotel,” he said.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I watched the parade of people follow the priest on down the hall, sprinkling holy water as he went into the next room. For just a brief moment it did cross my mind that maybe this was some kind of exorcism and I was the object. Paranoia runs deep. Anyway, now I can come to no harm. Everything I have has been blessed with holy water.


2 thoughts on “My Backpack has been Blessed!

  1. That is GREAT!!! Wiow, what an experience. I got your call and I though I recognized your voice, but then you faded away. I got a cheap phone with my same number, but am going to get a better phone this week. Cricket doesn’t have very good coverage.

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