Old Music and Wandering Stars

I got up early this morning – well early for me – and went down the street for a breakfast of toast, bacon, and orange juice. Notice – no coffee. This is my second day without coffee. Maybe a temporary thing, maybe not. Then I hiked up into the  village looking for a farmacia.

I found one. I think it is the only one in San Pedro. There was a little old lady behind the counter and this old man that looked like he must have been over ninety anos. He was just standing there holding a hundred Q note and looking lost so I turned to the lady and handed her my pill bottle.

I take anti-convulsion medicine called zonegran. I carry a three month suppy with me and start looking for a supplier when I am half out. The old lady looked at the bottle like it was a relic from Mars. I pointed out the name of the medicine. She shook her head and I was on my way.

Back down to Gringo-town I spotted a Canadian I know who sits outside a coffee shop and makes shoes to give away to some of the local little ones. I asked him if he knew of anymore pharmacies in San Pedro. He said, “Nope.” That’s what I thought. Looks like a trip to San Angelo or Panajachel. I’ll ask Rafael when I have my Spanish lesson today.

So, here I am. In a hammock, earphones on, listening to “Moon River”, and “Wandering Star” and “Please Come to Boston” and all that other old stuff I could spend hours listening to. And I wander…is there anyone else out there who loves this stuff as much as I do? In the end, does it make any difference?



10 thoughts on “Old Music and Wandering Stars

  1. Gar, whatever you do, don’t convulse!
    Such are the trial and tribs of life in other countries. Sometimes what is simple to get in the US ain’t so simple outside the USA.
    The music – that why the call ’em the classics! Only classy people like that stuff!
    Keep having fun.

    • Hi John,
      I guess I’m really “classy.”
      Hey, I was just talking to some guy here who says Nicaragua has a climate a lot like Tucson, AZ. I suspect that is a lot like saying Arizona has a climate like Tucson.

  2. Uncle Edgar, sorry I haven’t responded to your posts a while, between holidays, being sick, working, and starting school I have been a little busy! Anyways, I hope you can get your medicines, it would be unfortunate for you to have to come home to get it, you know we couldn’t stand seeing you, LOL! Anyways, San Pedro looks absolutely gorgeous! Can you go swimming in the waters there? If you can I would be taking my siestas lounging on an air matress everyday! I don’t have much to report from our end, kids are doing good! Kayla is now driving the red car to and from school and loving it, even though she gets teased about the way it looks! Suzanne, Hannah, and Krystina take turns riding to and from school with her! Hannah is pretty much making straight A’s still and Krystina has all A’s except 2 classes! Oh and Suzanne is getting prepared for college we are checking out different colleges right now!!

    • That is good news about the girls.

      People do swim in Lake Atitlan. I don’t. There are thirteen towns and cities around it plus many houses. All of them dump raw sewage directly into the lake with no treatment. No on even thinks about it. That is just the way things are done here. The lake is still deceptively beautiful. It is deep and clear and so far is still alive but the people keep multiplying…

  3. Ed, Possibly without being aware of it you are sharing your learnin…the student is becoming the teacher thru your Blog. or is he?? is “Farmacia” the spanish equivilant or were you pulling our leg a “Tad”???? Be careful now Mate!! we dont want to have to go back and Unlearn your teachin’s

    • Yes, “Farmacia” is “Pharmacy”. I’m just trying to spice up my writing a bit. Truth is, I can write some Spanish fairly well. However, speaking it is another thing. By the time I can put together a sentence in conversation, whoever I am talking to has either lost interest, gone to sleep, forgotten what we were talking about or is a hundred yards down the street.

  4. hello, uncle
    I hope this finds you doing well and the Lord Blessing you. It’s good to see you enjoying yourself be careful and I am watching to see what you find out there in the big old world……Remember to never drink the water….lol

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