Up On The Roof

Time sure passes quickly when you’re having fun – or when you aren’t. Sometimes I don’t remember which is supposed to be what. What I do know is I haven’t made an entry on this blog this year so – here is the first one.

I’m still in San Pedro, Guatemala. Still struggling to learn some Spanish, still struggling with stomach problems. The locals keep telling me I need to drink a cervasa (beer) with every meal. I’m not sure if that is meant to help me with learning Spanish or with the stomach problems. Never let it be said I wouldn’t try anything at least once so today I added una cervasa to the lunch menu. I didn’t learn any more Spanish but so far my lunch hasn’t started that old familiar rolling around feeling so, we will see…

Since I felt a little better I broke out the camera and went up on the roof of my hotel and took a few shots after lunch. Here are the results.

Volcan San Pedro

Lady Next Door Cooking

San Marcus la Laguna

Man Hanging Clothes


6 thoughts on “Up On The Roof

    • Well, I’d rather be sick here than be well in Mountain View. A sympathetic waitress from a nearby restaurant just brought me la cena (dinner) of sliced papaya, banana, watermelon, and a big bowl of yogurt. She said that would be good for my stomach. I ate it all. The kindness was good for my soul.

    • Hi Jan,
      Wellllll… Life has it’s ups and downs for sure. I’ve had some downs lately but I’m enjoying them. Mi vida loca! My crazy life.

  1. Interesting pics Ed, Thanks!! in the shot with the clothes being hung out there is a “Spreading” pine tree….Its very similar in stature to the Norfolk Island Pine that grows so well along this coast… I would Love to know if your Tree is a native to that locality or if in fact someone has “Introduced” it…..ROB

    • This is the only one I have seen like this at this elevation. However, when I was coming in by shuttle from Antigua we went through an area at a higher elevation that had some similar trees. So, my guess is that it is native to Guatemala but not to this particular area.

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