Gained in the Translation

Out to breakfast this morning determined to have just a couple of pancakes. And that is what I ordered. Sometimes though, things get changed in the translation. Sometimes it is for the better. What you see above is crepes. What you don’t see is that the crepes are stuffed with chocolate and bananas. Must be a zillion calories here but who’s counting? I think I’ll skip lunch and take my siesta early.


4 thoughts on “Gained in the Translation

  1. That looks like the Grandfather of what we have been doing here…leading up to the 25th…. I was appointed “Official Taster” in the absence of anyone else allowed to eat sweets….NOT good for the waistline I tell ya

    • I don’t think this is going to hurt me. Lately it seems it takes all I can eat just to stay in one place. Of course, it’s not getting distributed around the way it once was…

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