What da…!

It is December 7 at 4:30AM. I’m through security, sitting at gate number 4 at the Little Rock Airport. Outside there is snow AND ice on the ground. And if that weren’t bad enough, I just discovered I am old and disintegrating. Surprise! That’s what I get for sitting on my butt for two years I guess.

Anyone who has been in Little Rock Airport knows it isn’t very big. Gate 4 is just a little way from the security gate so I haven’t actually carried my bag far but already I am thinking of what I can do without. This thinking is induced by pain. My back hurts. My shoulder hurts. My arm hurts. I’m just a mess. What I really need right now is a big cup of latte and a couple of ibuprofen. Don’t have either.

Well, I wanted a change. I got it. I hope I survive to get to Xela. That is where I had intended to “get back into shape.” That wasn’t supposed to be on the agenda for at least a month. By then I’ll probably be carrying everything I own in one pocket.


6 thoughts on “What da…!

  1. It is Hell to get old but we all have to do it because the alternative is not good. If I know you, you will make it just fine. Thinking about you and hoping for the best. Love Sis

  2. Bon Voyage Ed!! I hope the start of your trip has been better than your airport post!!! Remember KEEP IBUPROFEN IN YOUR POCKET ALONG SIDE $5 FOR LATTE!!


  3. Awesome, I have became a huge fan of the Australian tea that you gave us and now it is gone. :-(. oh well it was good while it lasted! be careful taking ibuprofen, it can tear your stomach to pieces! Anyways, I am sure you are loving the weather in Guatamala and I am happy to hear the coffee is good too! Enjoy your trip and as Aunt Louise says you will do just fine getting in shape!

    • Hi, Not to worry. I’m doing fine now. I only take ibuprofen rarely so no worry about stomach problems from that. Take care. I’ll get a new post up in a day or so.

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