Little Rock

I know I’ve disappeared a time or two
Along the way I lost me and you
I needed a new town for my new start…

So begins a once popular Country and Western song by Colin Raye.  The song is about a guy who goes to Little Rock, Arkansas to try to make a new start.

I’ve been in and around Little Rock off and on for a great deal of my life. Sometimes I would leave for a few years but I always came back. I don’t really know why. Loco-centric I guess.

There is lots I remember about Little Rock that most people who live here now don’t know and probably don’t even care about. Its for sure most of them wouldn’t believe a lot of it – but those are stories for another time.

What is important right now, at least to me, is that I am leaving Little Rock again. My plane for Guatemala (via Atlanta) leaves at 5:45AM tomorrow. (Cost $525.) Right now, I am laying up in a $75 a day room at the Comfort Inn out by the airport, sipping on a bottle of green tea ($3.50), waiting for the call down to dinner. I don’t know what it will be but I do know it will cost $7.00. It’s a good thing I’m out of here in the morning. I can’t stand much of this. The quality is alright but the prices, compared to Central America, are ruinous.

The truck is gone. I got a decent price for it all things considered. It’s just a damn shame I have to spend it all before I even get out of here.


I think I’m on a roll
Here in Little Rock
I’m solid as a stone
Wait and see
I got just one small problem
Here in Little Rock
Without you
Baby I’m not me
Without you
Baby I’m not me

Lyin’ here upon this motel bed
Thoughts of you explode within my head
Like a castle built upon the sand
I let love crumble in my hand.

Another thing that is important to me is that I have come to Little Rock to make a new start. But it is just a start – just a step; the first step of my slow journey around the world.

Colin Raye closes the song out by singing, “Oh, oh, oh, oh.”  I can understand why he would feel that way if he was having to pay these prices.

Not to worry. When I’m under that Guatemalan sun tomorrow, its gonna be a brighter day in more ways than one.


7 thoughts on “Little Rock

  1. I absolutely love Colin Raye and that song! Glad you are enjoying Guatemala, but we miss you!!! I do love reading your blogs and keeping up with your adventures through writing, so please be sure to keep them going!!! The girls miss you bunches too!!! Can’t wait for you to come back for a visit already! Love you, Uncle Edgar and glad you are getting to be on the adventure of a lifetime, I am almost inspired to start my own blog but once school starts up, I am afraid a blog would go to the wayside, so I will keep up with yours and comment as often as I can and let you know how your goddaughter and nieces are doing! We love you!!!

    • Thanks, keep me updated. As far as I’m concerned they are all my goddaughters. Tell them their wandering god-father said “Buenas Noches!”

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