The house is sold. Closing is on the 29th. Most of the furniture is sold. A lot has been accomplished over the past few weeks. Still got a lot of logistics to juggle in the next couple of weeks. Time here in Mountain View is getting short.

No matter what happens in the future, I know I’m going to miss my house. It is a beautiful space. It is snug and warm in the winter when it is cold out. In the summer it kept me sheltered from the worst of the heat and sun. It has been my safe space; my ship that carried me through time for the last few years. Now though, it is time to move on.

One of the ways I tried to fit in here in this little town was to run the computer on election days for the county. Today is a special election for school board members. I didn’t vote. It seemed kind of pointless. I don’t really care who wins. I don’t even know who is running.

About six o’clock I will walk to the election office, get the computer set up for my last time, plug in all the tapes, cards, and other magnetic media from the voting machines and let the computer do its thing. For the last time I will know that at least there was one election that was honestly counted by a totally disinterested party.



6 thoughts on “Detaching

  1. Hey dear Gar… so you are really doing it!!!???!!! Wow!!
    I know we talked about it… and you told me you would like to travel…
    Respect! You are not ‘just dreaming’… you are realizing them.
    Wow again.
    Wish you ALL the best my friend. And lots and loads of love and light…. xoxo

    • Well, hi Miriam!
      Good to “see” you. I did finally make up my mind. 🙂
      Do you have a couch I could surf when I get around to your part of the world? It might be a couple of years but I’ll be there eventually.
      Hope you and the little one are doing great.

  2. You have a great sense of humor, one election honestly counted by a disinterested party truly made me chuckle, there is something to be said for houses which become our home, especially if we own them…love my rentals and the places we have stayed along the way in our short travels…most of the times I dont give my old home in the states a thought… its not the home which some rare moments causes me pause…its oh my I gave up security for a rental in a strange country with no fail safe in place…lol….over all I dont miss the home….I enjoy what I wake up to every day, and the idea of one day owning another house seems limiting to me…who knows how i will feel several years into our travels…

    • Hi Diane,
      Yeah, there is always more to a home than just a “house” and it is hard to put into words. This place really doesn’t have a lot of great memories or anything like that. It has been more like a snail’s shell. It is comfortable and loaded with inertia.

  3. Gar – that’s gotta be tough to leave a physical home you like so much.

    But you will also be very surprised by the freedoms you meet while on the road. You simply will not believe it.

    All the best, and godspeed.

    • Hi Rob,
      Thanks for reading. I know you’re right and I’m looking forward to it. Turning loose of a sure known thing for the unknown is always a challenge though especially when a person is “getting on up there.” But I’m ready to get on with it. 19 days until closing. 🙂

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