Creeping out, trying to Chill

My House

Here I am, sitting in Turner’s Coffee Shop in Mountain View, Arkansas. I suspect this might be a little taste of what life will be like on a day to day basis soon. Sitting in a coffee shop, using a computer. Not creeping out.

I still have a home but I can’t go there right now. The buyer’s home inspector is there doing a “home inspection”. This is a process where the buyer pays an housing systems expert to go over the house and identify all current and potential problems. Then the buyer looks at the report and can then decide whether they want to go ahead with the purchase of the house.

Really, it is an opportunity for the buyer to change their mind if they want to without losing their earnest money. Whatever. The part I don’t like is having a bunch of strangers in my house, unsupervised. Invariably the buyer and their whole extended family will come over for a look-see knowing I’m not there. And, the inspection takes a minimum of three hours, plenty of time for someone to go through everything in every drawer in the house. Just the thought of it creeps me out.


2 thoughts on “Creeping out, trying to Chill

  1. what a process in order to sell a house…we have bought many properties thru out the years…never used a bank to make a purchase, or to sell…. had no clue what a lengthy process it could be for the seller…although this gives you time to finish and empty the house with the intention it is sold so as not to wait til the last minute…good way to practice living out of a suitcase…lol… for sure would not be comfortable with someone in my house without me while my personal belongings were still there… on the positive note, this is just one more step closer to you getting on the plane…

    • Hi Diane,
      The real problem with this whole mess is I can sell everything, have the utilities shut off, have my backpack packed, my tickets bought, go to the closing and the deal can still fall through. But, when it is the only game in town…

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