Takra – or something like that

I was watching a documentary about Buddhism last night called Dharma River. In the introduction they used the word “takra” to describe a spiritual journey; specifically a spiritual Buddhist journey. To be sure I had the word right, I replayed it with text enabled. Yeap, it was “takra”.

Today I looked on the internet for more information about “takra”. There wasn’t any. Maybe it was a short journey.

In any case, it started a train of thought that lead to endless deadends, back alleys, and one-way streets where I found I was going the wrong way. For instance, I confess that the last two posts I made were just BS. It isn’t that I “came to realize” they were BS. I knew they were BS even as I wrote them. So why did I post them? The same reason I suppose everyone spreads BS – to cover what they are really thinking.

Here’s what happened. The deal on my house fell through and I was really disappointed. I was depressed. I was trying to cover up for it. Anyway. It is back to the original plan of leaving in late January.

What is important is I have remembered: the journey always continues no matter the circumstances. Takra, the Dharma River, never stops. Even when it isn’t moving through space, its moving through time.

I think maybe “takra” is what we old hippies used to call the “flow” as in “Don’t sweat it. Just go with the flow Man. Just go with the flow.” To go with the flow is one of those lessons I seem to “learn” over and over again. Maybe that is just a part of takra.


3 thoughts on “Takra – or something like that

  1. admire your level of honesty, have to have that about yourself in order to live down here…so looks like you are already got the gualities it takes to live in a third world country from the sounds of it…off to a good start…i myself write pretty much upbeat stuff on facebook at the moment and write the darker side of life here, the darker side of my very real fears, shortcomings in a word doc to post later after I am thru the hump and have grown within, learned what I needed to change about myself and my outlook or in some cases with culture shock, just came to terms and learn to live with peace on that which appears negative down here and I cannot do anything about…so good for you to be honest and open…I still hide part of my truth in word…lol

  2. life is nothing but a journey, just choices, and sometimes it flows and some times it does not…when it stops flowing it is a sign to make a change…I may not be an old hippie because I was born to late…sure my parents are happy about that…lol..but i sure do think alot like you do…the 2011 version I suppose I could lay claim to.lol all in perfect timing, perfect way and this is just what I suggest you hold unto while you wait to leave…just maybe the perfect person will come and buy the house and offer more money than the last guy…and the deal close quickly…until then, paint something…gentle smile…

    • As Tolkien said, “The road goes ever on and on”. Whether we like it or not, we are always on that road. You are right that we do have a choice of direction.

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