Bean Festival In Mountain View

Mountain View, Arkansas is a unique little town in the Ozark Mountains. It is called “The Folk Music Capitol of the World.” That may be true on most weekends. This weekend though it could be called “Bean Capitol of the World” as thousands of people lined up for free beans and cornbread.

There was plenty of music though. This group was picking over in Washington Park just off the Square.

Another group in Washington Square. Washington Square has three “picking” pavilions. They were all being used. As you can see from these pictures, several groups just set up on the grass. People come from all over the nation to play here at this once a year event. I’ve met pickers and singers from Australia, England, and other countries who have found their way to this little town.

These folks got a good spot to play on the porch of the local music store.

This is something you just don’t see much of in the USA anymore – two kids hustling the crowd, selling homemade peanut brittle. I’m thinking this may be a wave of the future. The peanut brittle was great by the way.



Still waiting patiently for those beans!




Meanwhile, in front of the courthouse, they were getting down!



Then, there are some that just don’t get too excited about beans…




Finally, everybody did get fed. And it actually got quiet enough to hear the music.





These guys didn’t come to eat beans, they came to play, even though they had to stand in the middle of the street to do it.


More on Northern Lights in the South

I didn’t see the Northern Lights last night myself. Some clouds rolled in. But apparently some people in other southern states did. Here is a link with yet another explanation of why this is happening.

Northern Lights in Arkansas

What the...!?

Yes, friends and neighbors. There were northern lights in Arkansas last night. I can’t recall this ever happening before. Here is the official explanation:

“The cause of the show was a coronal mass ejection from the sun that hit Earth’s magnetosphere at about 2 p.m. ET”, reported. “The impact caused a strong compression in the magnetic field, allowing electrically charged particles from the solar wind to penetrate down to geosynchronous orbit (22,000 miles or 35,000 kilometers in altitude).”

Don’t ask me what that means. I’m just repeating what I read. The report went on to say:

“Solar activity is on the upswing toward an expected peak of the sun’s 11-year cycle in 2013, and the past few months have been marked by strong auroral activity.”

So, there you have it. Another nice little trip without leaving my backyard.

Takra – or something like that

I was watching a documentary about Buddhism last night called Dharma River. In the introduction they used the word “takra” to describe a spiritual journey; specifically a spiritual Buddhist journey. To be sure I had the word right, I replayed it with text enabled. Yeap, it was “takra”.

Today I looked on the internet for more information about “takra”. There wasn’t any. Maybe it was a short journey.

In any case, it started a train of thought that lead to endless deadends, back alleys, and one-way streets where I found I was going the wrong way. For instance, I confess that the last two posts I made were just BS. It isn’t that I “came to realize” they were BS. I knew they were BS even as I wrote them. So why did I post them? The same reason I suppose everyone spreads BS – to cover what they are really thinking.

Here’s what happened. The deal on my house fell through and I was really disappointed. I was depressed. I was trying to cover up for it. Anyway. It is back to the original plan of leaving in late January.

What is important is I have remembered: the journey always continues no matter the circumstances. Takra, the Dharma River, never stops. Even when it isn’t moving through space, its moving through time.

I think maybe “takra” is what we old hippies used to call the “flow” as in “Don’t sweat it. Just go with the flow Man. Just go with the flow.” To go with the flow is one of those lessons I seem to “learn” over and over again. Maybe that is just a part of takra.