Oh Man, things are moving.

Just got an offer on the house – but not to get too excited. There is a contingency. They’ve got to sell their house first. But they will know in one week. So I accepted the offer. But they really want this house. They are already talking to the real estate agent about an offer “just in case” their house doesn’t sell as expected. And, they are coming tomorrow to take exact measurements of all the rooms so they can figure out how to arrange their furniture. I would say they are sold.

…But that means I will be out of a house before the end of October – barely a month from now. All my plans have been aimed towards leaving at the end of January. There is so much to do yet. And the kicker right now is, I won’t even know if I should start doing them for another week.

Once I start, there will be no turning back. I have to get rid of all the furniture, all the clothes, store the electronics (sell them?), give away all the painting supplies and paintings, and the truck?! What about the truck? I don’t know yet. Store it, sell it? I sure can’t take it with me. And when everything is gone, it is gone. It is exciting and scary at the same time. And the plane tickets…

I really needed months to sort all this stuff out. Karma bites ass again.


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