Getting to Point B

I don’t know where I’m going with this blog. I don’t know where I’m going on my trip either. First, let me define “trip.” A trip is a journey from Point A to Point B that sometimes involves stops along the way.

The thing is: most of that formula is unknown to us. Knowing the location of Point A is fairly easy (most of the time), but no one can ever be sure of Point B. I could say, “I’m going from Arkansas (Point A) to the Philippines (purposed Point B), take off tor the airport, catch a plane and be on my merry way. But there is no guarantee I would make it to the airport. I might be killed in an auto wreck on the way. And if I make it to the airport, the plane could crash after takeoff. In those cases, Point B would be where ever what was left of me wound up. I don’t want to belabor the obvious (one of my many great failings) so I’m going to stop with this but I hope I’ve made my “point.”

In any case, If we can never know where Point B is then we sure as hell can’t say much about those points in between A and B where we might stop. So, with that said let me tell you what this blog is not:

This is not a travel guide – if you are looking for the “must sees” of the tourist trail in Central America, you will be disappointed.
This is not a “how to travel on x amount of dollars” – sometimes (maybe a lot of times) I will mention how much something costs but costs are always changing.

So, what is this blog about? Roughly, very roughly, it is about an old(er) guy with no immediate family and no home who has a backpack and a monthly social security check who sets out to find a Point B. It is about a guy who hopes that when he does find it there will be one or two good friends to lower him gently into it.


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